Partnerships and Cooperation

We work together with local associations and national authorities in the respective countries and other aid organisations and foundations at home and abroad.


PartnerAid Switzerland is part of a loose association of PartnerAid branches that pursue the same goals. We pursue common interests with PartnerAid France and PartnerAid UK. We cooperate more closely with PartnerAid International France and joint projects are under discussion.


PartnerAid Switzerland is a provisional member of Interaction, an association of development organisations and relief agencies, as well as a supporter of the StopPoverty awareness campaign. From 2017–2020, Interaction supported the literacy project in the Comoros. From 2020–2023, half of the funding for the Neesim nutrition project in Ghana has been provided by Interaction. The Amnougar project for people with disabilities in Morocco will also receive support in 2023-2025.

Other donors and benefactors

The financial resources of the association are made up of donations from private benefactors, foundations and gifts.

We mention the following donors at their request:

The Reformed Church of the Canton of St. Gallen subsidized 2023 an important part of the Minch water filter project for war refugees in Tigray, Ethiopia.

In 2022, the Protestant Reformed Church of the Canton of St. Gallen subsidized two small-scale projects for the promotion of marginalized school children in Kyrgyzstan (Education for All) and Morocco (Nomad School).

In 2021, the Protestant Reformed Church of the Canton of St. Gallen subsidized the project “Small Business Promotion and Vocational Capacity Training” in South Asia.

The Swiss Embassy in Madagascar supported the Literacy project (2015) and the Recycling project in the Comoros (2018).

We thank all partners for the good and valuable cooperation.