What We Do

The transfer of knowledge through training, teaching, awareness, coaching and support of the local population.

Our task is to lift ourselves up against poverty and to help disadvantaged people to have access to cooperation, development and emergency aid projects that lead to an improvement of their living conditions.

Education and income

We commit ourselves to the areas of formation and economic development and are creating prospects and a better future, especially for the young generation.

education & income projects

Emergency assistance

In Afrika and other regions of the world, health insurance, accident insurance, disability pensions, unemployment benefits and widows’ rights are unknown or scarcely known. Thus, people who suffer a stroke of fate can, in an instant, find themselves in great financial need.

Emergency assistance projects

Health and nutrition

Millions of people have no access to safe drinking water. Often the water consumed is lacking in quality. This leads to illnesses, high costs for medication and not infrequently to death.

health & nutrition projects