PartnerAid Projects

In the long term, small, manageable projects and personal relationships on the ground serve the people in need better than large-scale projects.

Ghana – Project Share

About one in three children under the age of five suffer from malnutrition – even though there is no famine.

Central Asia – Micro Businesses

Our project focuses on people who are unemployed but have the potential to become entrepreneurs.

Jordan – Disaster Relief

Syrian refugees now account for almost 10 % of the population of Jordan.

Ethiopia – Emergency Aid

“Bridge” helps people in Africa to bridge the gap during the difficult time of poverty.

Ethiopia – Treatment of Trauma

Our aim is to give victims of violence hope and strength to face their history.

South Asia – Small Business Development

"Resha" means roots, because in order to achieve sustainable economic growth, we want to start at the grass roots.

Kyrgyzstan – Education for All

We take care that disadvantaged children experience support and individual promotion at an early stage.

Comoros – Literacy

Since 2012, we have been running a literacy project in collaboration with a local association and the Ministry of Education.

Morocco – Adults with Disabilities

Amnougar is a place where adults with disabilities are trained in farming, knitting, jewellery making and carpentry.

Comoros – Sport and Education

We offer sports lessons as well as lessons in reading, writing and arithmetic to the children of the 3rd and 4th grade.

Morocco – Mobile Schools for Nomads

Enable nomads to receive schooling with mobile classrooms.

Ethiopia – Water Filters

Production and distribution of water filters for poor families without access to clean drinking water.

Kosovo – Rehabilitation Centre Streha

Our aim is to provide drug addicts with a home, to give them a future and to integrate them back into society.

Ethiopia – Children’s Relief Project

We provide children from desperate backgrounds with beneficial basic living conditions that enable them to escape the spiral of poverty.

Ethiopia – The Arts and Media

Ayaana desires to promote dialogue, respect, understanding, and love across the diverse communities and ethnic groups of Ethiopia.

Comoros – Recycling

Garbage is a devastating environmental problem in the Comoros. Often, the waste is simply thrown into the bed of a river or on the shores of the sea.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Small Business

We actively fight poverty and invest in the future of young and talented people in the Balkans.

Comoros – Fight against Malaria

The plant Artemisia annua anamed contains, besides the precious artemisinin, other antimalarial substances.

Morocco – Deaf Children

Adapted education for deaf children following the normal curriculum of the Moroccan school system.

Morocco – Midwives in Ouarzazate

Every week, around 100 women and their babies can receive counselling.

Chad – Clean Water

Water is typically drawn from open holes dug in dried riverbeds, and often has poor quality.

Bosnia – Agriculture

Many colleagues in the region can benefit from the modern farming know-how and farm machinery.

Zanzibar – vehicle for training workshop

Enable the purchase of a new customer loaner vehicle, allowing to continue the training operations in a competitive manner.

Zanzibar – Workwear for apprentices

Apprentices as tailors and car mechanics and their instructors receive suitable workwear.

Zanzibar – vocational training for underprivileged women

Every year, 15 young women are trained in a two-year dual apprenticeship as seamstresses.

Zanzibar – English Basics

To increase the language skills of the apprentices and thus the quality of training and their chances on the job market.