Lebanon – Education for Syrian refugee children

For developing a child’s well-being and the country’s future


There are currently over two million Syrian refugee children in the Middle East who do not have access to education. The UN’s Children Agency has estimated that the war has reversed ten years of educational progress for Syrians.

Families often can’t afford school fees, and instead many children begin working or get married at a young age. Many children have fallen so far behind that they are unable to re-enter into the public-school system.

We agree with the United Nations University’s conclusion:

“When looking at the long-term, education is the best guarantee for both developing a child’s well-being and the country’s future prospects.”

Cedars Network is partnering with local educators in the Middle East among some of the most vulnerable communities with limited access to education. Our two learning centers, Hope Learning Center and House of Love, provide quality, trauma-informed education and a stimulating environment for learning reading, writing, math, sciences and English.


These learning centers are educating over 400 marginalized children and providing professional development for 11 local educators.

Join us in bringing restoration to the next generation of the Middle East.

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