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Create an opportunity to earn a fair and stable income


Resha's project area in South Asia is a war-torn country. Violence and arbitrariness have prevailed for over 40 years. International organizations and humanitarian aid projects are now in retreat after years of involvement, although their effects are only visible in a few areas. According to the UN, a full 63 percent of the country's total population is under the age of 25 (as of 2019). These many young people represent tremendous potential. However, in addition to the insecure situation in the country, one of their biggest challenges remains that there are hardly any opportunities and infrastructure for jobs and quality education. No wonder that many people of the young generation are longing for a peaceful and hopeful perspective and are looking for a future. This drives many to flee or migrate abroad.

But there are also those who want to stay in order to invest in their country and build it up for future generations. And the countless potential resources hidden in this country prove them right. But where should they find support? How can they create an opportunity for their families and other employees to earn a fair and stable income?

Our vision

Our goal: to create jobs and fight poverty by promoting SMEs in the region.

"Resha" means roots, because in order to achieve sustainable economic growth, we want to start at the grass roots. Since 2017, we have been involved in education and business development. Resha aims to exemplify sustainable and social entrepreneurship on the ground, train local entrepreneurs on how to set up and run SMEs, and provide them with accompanying advice and practical help.

We believe in the potential of the people in this country. We invest ourselves in people with social initiative – local leaders, entrepreneurs and social initiators – and support and accompany them so that they in turn have the capacity to create jobs and value locally.

Consulting and project implementation support

In recent months, we have launched several pilot projects. On the one hand, we want to provide training in small business management, especially in provinces that are remote from major cities and economic centers, and that can be successfully completed even by illiterate and semi-illiterate people. For this purpose, we are currently developing content and materials in local languages.

On the other hand, we assist local leaders and entrepreneurs with advisory support and coaching. Occasionally, Resha receives requests for financial investments for business expansions or infrastructure development. Resha reviews such requests and refers them to potential social investors or accompanies the business with a "rent-to-own" program to acquire the necessary infrastructure until they become financially self-sufficient.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your partnership!

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Simon Mumenthaler

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