Comoros – Sport and Education

Project sport++ in Anjouan

School children aren’t able to read and write

Through our longstanding football project and personal contacts in the village of Sangani on the Comorian island of Anjouan, we have noticed that many children in public school up to grade 4 can only read and write poorly or not at all. Since Sangani is a poor neighbourhood, the parents are often illiterate and do not speak French. However, school lessons are held in French, which the children do not understand. The teachers are poorly paid and therefore not very motivated. In the village, people treat each other harshly, which leads to a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem among many young people. This situation gave rise to the sport++ project.

Sport and education

We offer sports lessons as well as lessons in reading, writing and arithmetic to the children of the 3rd and 4th grade. Through education and sport, values can be conveyed and the children’s self-confidence can be strengthened. Sport is an excellent way to teach social skills, respect, honesty, kindness and consideration.

The local teachers, who are trained by our project, teach the children with proven learning methods in their mother tongue Shindzuani and in French. During the holidays, lessons take place three times a week, plus sports once. During school, lessons are offered twice a week as a course.

Better opportunities for the future

Our goal is that through this programme the children can follow the lessons in the public school, pass the exams for the secondary school and thus get better chances for the future.

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Daniel Scheidegger

Co-Managing Director, Office

"PartnerAid's projects enable disadvantaged people to live in dignity and open up new perspectives for them. This is what I'm committed to."