Ethiopia – Children’s Relief Project

Set children free from the spiral of poverty

Description of the problem

In terms of population, Ethiopia is, after Nigeria, the second largest country in Africa and continues to grow dramatically. Drought and hunger are not uncommon in different parts of Ethiopia. The victims of the many social and economic problems are, above all, women and children. Illiteracy is higher among people with a Muslim background because parents fear that education will cause them to lose their faith.

Our vision

We would like to provide children from this desperate background with beneficial basic conditions that enable them to escape the spiral of poverty and to lead an independent life with dignity.

Our activities

The New Life Development Project (NLDP) is a childcare project that is registered in Ethiopia and supported by PartnerAid Switzerland. It is under the direction of the founder who is a partner of PartnerAid Switzerland. The aim of this project is to enable vulnerable children to get out of the vicious circle of poverty through education. Currently, the work supports 30 children and teenagers. 11 children live in the children’s home provided with housemothers and educational programs. 17 children live with their mother or grandparents at home. Two young people have finished school and are now at university. In the home, children are followed emotionally and spiritually, as well as in their health, but go like most other children to the state school. They receive accommodation, food, parental love and a place to play. It is a pleasure and an honor for our employees to give these precious children a new home, and to support and encourage them in achieving their goals and dreams. However, our greatest joy is to observe how they develop, how they begin to think of others, and pass on the love they receive to their families and other needy people.

It is possible to sponsor a child

The costs for each child in care are 35 Euros or 38 Swiss Francs per month. Our work receives no support from the government.

Christian Hartmann-Fässler

Member of the Board

"I believe that individualized development projects, which respond to the needs of individuals or small groups, serve those in need better in the long term and ultimately provide a better livelihood for all."