Ethiopia – Children’s Relief Project

Set children free from the spiral of poverty

Description of the problem

In terms of population, Ethiopia is, after Nigeria, the second largest country in Africa and continues to grow dramatically. Drought and hunger are not uncommon in different parts of Ethiopia. The victims of the many social and economic problems are, above all, women and children.

Our vision

We would like to provide children from this desperate background with beneficial basic conditions that enable them to escape the spiral of poverty and to lead an independent life with dignity.

Our activities

The project currently cares for ten children and adolescents. Seven of them are cared for in their own community group and three others are supported within their family or adoptive family. In the home all the needs of the kids are taken care of as they grow up in a family environment. They are encouraged to excel in their education and also taught some vocational as well as other life skills. The other kids supported in the community are also doing well in their education. It is made sure that the funds are used for the intended purposes.

One of the goals is to give the children the vision to become people who look beyond themselves and see the needs of others in order to be able to help them as they have been helped. The costs for each child in care are around 100 Swiss Francs per month. Our work receives no support from the government.

Christian Hartmann-Fässler

Member of the Board

"I believe that individualized development projects, which respond to the needs of individuals or small groups, serve those in need better in the long term and ultimately provide a better livelihood for all."