Morocco – Adults with Disabilities

Dignity and self-confidence through apprenticeship

Thanks to the cooperation with the Crocus-Tifaout association, we can benefit from many years of experience in the projects in Morocco.

A meeting place

At the end of the last millennium, a group of passionate friends started to dream about a place where adults with disabilities coming from the whole of Morocco could learn a job which would give them dignity and self-confidence. This job would also allow them to set up a small business at the end of their apprenticeship so that they could earn a little bit of money. Who doesn’t long for some independence?

Everything started to come together in August 1999 as an adequate piece of land was found. In a bit less than 20 years, the dream became reality for hundreds of disabled adults. And it's only the start!

Four different apprenticeships

The adults who arrive at Amnougar have the choice between four different apprenticeships: in farming, embroidery, jewellery making or carpentry. The processus of selection involves discussions with professionals in order to determine which path is best suited given desires and the nature of the handicap.

The apprenticeship lasts for two years under the supervision of experienced teachers –some of them having graduated in Amnougar themselves. The whole process is truly life-changing!

Our collaboration with Amnougar

After visiting Amnougar, we were convinced that we should enter into a partnership with them. Not having any funding available for this project, we figured out that the first step is for us to raise the profile of Amnougar and to get the word out that they are doing an amazing job. Hence, we created a website for them.

Since 2019, our involvement has been gradually increasing.

Website Amnougar

COVID's impact on Amnougar

Unfortunately, COVID has had a dramatic impact on Amnougar’s finances. Not only have foreign donations decreased, but the lack of visiting tourists has also meant a significant loss of income. Having struggled over the last two years, we have now given ourselves until June 2022 to find a few long term partners willing to support the work of Amnougar. Please contact us if you are interested to receive more information.

Markus Schranz

Member of the Board and Finances

"PartnerAid convinced me by its direct, uncomplicated way in which help is provided on the ground.”