Jordan – Disaster Relief

Emergency help: service to the next

The situation in Jordan

Syrian refugees now account for almost 10 % of the population of Jordan. About 80% of them live outside the officially funded camps. As refugees are not allowed to work legally, they are mainly dependent on help for their daily survival.

Our partner organisation takes care of these men, women and children. It is very important to inform Syrian refugees about their rights and opportunities to seek help to avoid unnecessary suffering.

Syrian refugees: the misery is not yet over

At the beginning of 2014, PartnerAid started a new cooperation project in Jordan.

Training of community nurses

In order to have greater influence, especially with regard to important medical needs, our partner, in collaboration with three local partners, is planning to employ six Jordanian women and train them as community nurses. Thus, it will be possible to meet the different needs in a quick and precise manner.

Christian Hartmann-Fässler

Member of the Board

"I believe that individualized development projects, which respond to the needs of individuals or small groups, serve those in need better in the long term and ultimately provide a better livelihood for all."