Project history

We are pleased that after a few years we are able to hand over many projects to local partners. This can bring about lasting change.

You can find some examples here below.

Agricultural project in Fojnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

It is difficult to train in Bosnia where the unemployment rate is 50 %. It is a huge challenge to get a job because of the great corruption and exploitation of job-seekers. Some employers require up to a year’s salary as a starting price to grant a position of employment. Imagine: the employee pays the employer to get his job! To stand up to this injustice, to trust the neighbours and gain their confidence, is the objective of the agricultural project of Walter Koffler and his team. This project has been supported by PartnerAid for many years.

Together, for over 20 years, they have been able to build a rational and well-mechanised farm in the style of Western Europe. With 15 hectares of rented land, a barn for 10 cows, a few heifers for rearing and bulls for fattening, they are now able to finance the farm’s budget to a large extent.