Kosovo – Rehabilitation Centre Streha

Rehabilitation Centre for drug addicts

Providing drug addicts with a home, giving them a future and hope, integrating them into society – free from drugs – these ­are the objectives of the Streha Rehabilitation Centre in Kosovo. PartnerAid supports this project.

The project

Drug use is a major problem in Kosovo, a country torn apart by war and conflict. Streha, which is the only rehabilitation center in Kosovo, is a therapeutic centre which, in the form of a community of life, aims at a 12 month long-term therapy.

One of the fields of work is a small vegetable farm which guarantees the residents a regular schedule and a useful activity. The products of the farm are first used to cover the needs of the therapeutic centre; the rest is sold. Beginning in 2014, the construction of a production hall for the processing of cardboard is another area of ​​employment for the residents.

Project film in Albanian

The residents

In 2007, the first residents participating in a therapy, took up residence in the Streha centre. They come from families with broken relationships and often complex situations. Drug addiction governs their daily lives. Their lives are marked by unemployment, debts and psychological injuries.

It is especially the phase of withdrawal, at the beginning of the therapy, which is difficult and hard. In collaboration with experienced Swiss therapists in the field of withdrawal symptoms. The centre’s management is currently trying to find new ways for this difficult initial phase.

The Streha project is encouraged by the local authorities, but receives no government subsidy. Residents are grateful for the opportunity offered to them and for the prospects open to them by Streha.

Markus Schranz

Member of the Board and Finances

"PartnerAid convinced me by its direct, uncomplicated way in which help is provided on the ground.”