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About 50 years ago, Oman started its first steps towards becoming a modern country. Where there were no roads, no hospitals and no schools you can now find malls, local and international schools as well as a highly modern airport. However, there are areas, which got a lost in this rapid jump from old to new age living. One of these areas is swimming. The majority of Omanis – and this concerns adults as well as children – do not know how to swim.

Our swimming club

As a family, we founded Threshers Swimming Club, which is located in the outskirts of Muscat, the capital of Oman. Here, with the help of an international team of trained and experienced coaches, children and young people, male and female adults learn how to swim. Some need to overcome their fear of water, others learn with joy how to swim whole lengths and even other train for competitions.

The project

Because sport clubs are not supported by the state, and there are high expenses for the pool rental as well as the salaries, many Omani parents cannot pay the costs for swimming lessons even though they recognize that swimming is a very healthy sport and a lifesaving skill. So it is our hearts desire to find a way for exactly those children to learn swimming by only paying a percentage of the normal price – as it is our wish that everybody who desires to learn should have this opportunity.

Focus Omani children

As Oman is our hosting country, we want to further educate Omani kids in swimming. This is why we aim to have a dozen or so children swimming a full length (25m) safely in two strokes within a year. With the hope to impact the future, one needs to start with training these children. Consequently, your donation would be invested into children of different ages starting from the age of 6 years. Thank you so much!

Jürg Schmid

Co-Managing Director, Program Coordination

"From my own experience in local projects, I know how important the people in the background are. This is where PartnerAid makes a valuable contribution."