Our Values

The work of PartnerAid takes into account the whole person. It supports and encourages men and women equally. We act according to the motto: "Partnering for Change".

Aid organisation for development cooperation and emergency aid

The association PartnerAid Switzerland was founded in 1988 and is an independent aid organisation for international development cooperation and emergency aid.

Our vision

The vision of PartnerAid is a world in which every human being has access to resources that enable him to live without poverty.

Our values

Our work is based on a Christian ethos reflected in our core values: integrity, relationship and equality.

PartnerAid is a non-profit making organisation and politically and denominationally neutral. The work of PartnerAid takes into account the whole person. It supports and encourages men and women equally. We act according to the motto: “Partnering for Change”.

Our goals

In collaboration with local partners, we want to improve the quality of life in the following areas:

  • education and income

  • health and nutrition

  • environment and climate protection

  • emergency assistance

Our employees strive for long-term commitment and identification with the local culture. Roles and responsibilities are transferred to local hands as soon as possible so that projects have a future in an independent manner without external assistance.

Our services

The transfer of knowledge through training, teaching, awareness, coaching and support of the local population. We also provide adequate material resources that enable the needy to improve their livelihoods in a sustainable way thanks to the acquisition of competences. PartnerAid sees itself as a hinge between project work abroad and donors in Switzerland, and assumes public relations through the dissemination of information and calls for donations. The management and transfer of the collected funds are also a central task of our function.

Our strategy

In its area of activity, PartnerAid supports projects of local associations as well as volunteers who live locally and earn their living themselves. PAI is exclusively responsible for the planning, implementation, support, monitoring and financing of the projects and therefore has low personnel costs.

  • Experience in the monitoring and the development of projects in all phases

  • A good network of expertise

  • Long-term collaborators in various countries with a very good knowledge of language and culture

  • Uncomplicated flexibility and support in crisis situations

  • Modest administrative burdens

Our area of ​​activity

It extends from Eastern Europe to Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Partnership and cooperation

PartnerAid Switzerland cooperates with organizations pursuing the same objectives.

Consciousness of costs

PartnerAid is non-profit orientated. The economic use of available resources is documented in a transparent and controlled manner by an auditor. On average, more than 90 % of all donations are directly allocated to the purpose of the donations.