10 November 2023

Newsletter November 2023

Zanzibar: a melting pot of many cultures

“One of the big challenges in Zanzibar is the lack of future prospects for young people,” report our project managers on site. “The average age of the population is 18. School education is mostly poor, apprenticeships are rare, and university places are expensive. Many Zanzibaris try to profit from the tourism industry, but insufficient education often blocks their path.”

Thank you so much – what’s next?

Dear friends of PartnerAid

Within a few days after the earthquake in Morocco, a large amount was collected for the benefit of the affected people. We thank all donors from the bottom of our hearts for their generosity and solidarity. The disaster has unfortunately greatly worsened the economic situation of families who were already living in very precarious circumstances. Many have lost what little they had: a small mud house, a few carpets, blankets and simple kitchen utensils.