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Promotion of information technology in Travnik

Project environment

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a deeply divided and fractured country. Three brutal wars, in the last century alone, have inflicted heavy hardships on its population. Despite great potential and promising opportunities, many people lack perspective and hope. Progress is visible only in a few areas. Shopping malls and new buildings are shooting up in some urban centres and the road network is being renovated and extended throughout the country. There are jobs and local production, but the working conditions and wages are largely unfair and hardly allow employees to build their own livelihoods with good prospects. Although superficially there are some positive changes in the country, most people hardly find a way to earn a regular, fair and stable income. Anyone who can afford it, leaves the country looking for work in Western Europe.

Our vision

Our aim is to promote small and medium-sized enterprise in the region. We commit ourselves to the areas of formation and economic development and are creating prospects and a better future, especially for the young generation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


We have been involved in income-generation development since 2010. We have carried out various projects in the fields of agriculture, handicrafts, information technology (IT), trade and production of export goods. In July 2019, we concluded the partnership second-hand business Pasija D.O.O. after three years. The company is now independent and in local hands. At present, we look to the future and set a new and promising focus.

IT Team Travnik

In the last few months we have carried out various pilot projects and have put together a promising team within this practical work. We want to give young IT talents a chance to help shape their own future with prospects in Bosnia.

With pleasure we are now planning the next project. We deal with topics like social media, online marketing and CRM software (Customer-Relationship-Management). In another project evaluation, we will look at the opportunities and risks of IT outsourcing to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We actively fight poverty and invest in the future of young and talented people in the Balkans. Could you imagine supporting our work? With your donation we would further develop our program and improve our offer. We would be happy about your contribution and thank you most sincerely for it!

Purpose of donation: IT promotion Bosnia

Anita Ruinelli

Secretariat and Newsletter

"It is easy to overlook the plight of other people. It is difficult to help in a really constructive way. It takes people who, among other things, have great intercultural understanding and the strength to confront grievances and shortcomings.”